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20 Weapons Capacity Theft Proof Rifle

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20 Weapons Capacity Theft Proof Rifle

Product Description
Made By Coelus Industries Theft Proof rifle racks popular with security forces. New Advanced theft-proof rifle racks manufactured by a Coelus Industries : firm are widely used by security forces across the country, including at Admiral Indian Navy and CISF units, Airports , and even by the Indian Army.


Coelus Industries New designed Thief Proof Rifle racks operation is Thrust Ball Bearing Based mechanical smooth, with computerized impossible to duplicate keys, and we made it Auto unlocking Just in less than 2 second on one key turn, it is semi and full welded design Hence, no easy assembled parts openable by screw driver or simple tools. One can lock these rifles much easier way and assured and unlock in much Faster time without struck.


The racks are made of steel, painted in battleship Militry colour, with wooden base for holding and protecting the butt end of the rifles.The new theft proof rifle racks are designed to accommodate 303 rifle, 7.62 mm BA type rifle, 7.62 mm SLR, 5.56 mm SLR, 9 mm carbine guns, AK 47 and double barrel guns, small arms with optics. The advantage of this rack is that a single rifle or all the rifles can be made immediately available. For security reasons, the rack can be bolted to the ground. There is special locking arrangement. The rifle racks also have an ammunition box.


Further Coelus Industries Arms- Secure Steel Rifle Racks ensures reliable & Thief Proof locking design to secure the modern age rifles.With the help of advanced modern Thief Proof locking arrangement, these racks can be kept in the traditional Koths to safeguard the rifles which will not require supervision from any guard or Santri.


All that is required is Thief Proof Rifle Rack to be grouted into the ground by means of bolt, so that even if attacked by Extremists, Thief Proof Rifle Rack protects the rifles by means of it’s grouting and its own weight on top of that. Made of tough steel, rifle rack ensures its strength as well as increases its weight to make is fixed to the ground. This unique nature of Thief Proof Rifle Rack is possible with the help of its wooden base, as it can be easily grouted to the ground. Hence it protects the rifles even under the extremists attack.  



1. The most important aspect of RIFLOK is the safety it provides to the Rifles.

2. Requirement of one or all rifles can be made instantaneously for immediate use.

3. Depending upon the requirement, racks of capacity ranging from 4-10 rifles are available.

4. Optimal usage of space occupied by racks is another unique feature of RIFLOK.

5. Efficient working, with ease of operating RIFLOK, sets the security standards very high. 

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