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Infrared Rotary Crystallizer & Dryer

Infrared Rotary Crystallizer & Dryer
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Infrared Rotary Crystallizer & Dryer

1. A unifled system to simulaneously crytalize and dry amorphous PET flakes.
2. Continuous motion of material in a patented rotary drum with multiple heating zones.
3. Infrared heating drastically reduces processing tine.
4. Efficient, quick and cost-effective compared to conventional systems.
5. Regulated throughput and residence time.
6. Preserves intrinsic properties of PET due to shorter Processsing time.
7. Lower energy consumption and maintenance cost leads to high Rol.
8. Compact and ergonomic design.
9. Shorter start-up and lead time. 


-Frequently Asked Questions

What will be final moisture level of material (in ppm) after drying by Infrared Rotary crystallizer and dryer (IRD)?

1.Final moisture comes down from 5000-6000 ppm to 300-400 ppm within 15-25 minutes of the drying process.

2. Moisture can come down further if the processed material is kept in an insulated buffer hopper for 30- 45 minutes.

3. If final moisture content of less than 50ppm is required a dehumidifier can be placed in conjunction with IRD

Do we need to crystallize PET grinding before putting it into the IRD? 1. Not needed; IRD crystallizes and dries PET grinding/flakes simultaneously
What is life of Infrared lamps used in Infrared Rotary crystallizer and dryer? 5000 hrs
What is the cost of Infrared lamp? 1500-2500 INR
How much energy does an IRD save in comparison to conventional agitator type crystallizer and dryer? 1. Saves at least ~ 20 to 30% energy compared to conventional agitator type crystallizer and dehumidifier
How much energy is consumed to crystallize and dry PET flakes and preform grinding? 1. PET bottle flake : 0.22kw/kg. ±5%.
2. PET preform grinding : 0.12kw/kg. ±5%.
How often does one need to stop and clean the entire system from inside (PET Dust etc)? 1. Frequency of cleaning depends upon the quality of input material and working environment.
2. Inherent design of the setup makes it extremely convenient to clean within a limited time and offers
a quick restart. Drum can be cleaned easily by pulling out the slide mechanism fitted with heater column and cooling system. (video link attached)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bCFBr_EXvA&t=3s
What steps have been taken to restrict dust build-up on the heaters? 1. Continuous air supply in the heater bank creates a protective shield and restricts the accumulation ofdust and PET fines on the heaters.
What is annual maintenance cost of this equipment? 1. This machine has minimal maintenance cost. The only replaceable and consumable parts are Infrared lamps which are widely available in market.
What is the minimum and maximum throughput, we can take through this equipment?

1. Present design: 315 litre/hr @ 1 RPM of drum ±5% OR 110kg/hr @1 RPM of drum ±5% (with a material of bulk density: 350 g/litre)
2. We are planning to design and manufacture bigger machine to meet the industry demand.

Which make of bearings, gear boxes, Invertors and motors are being used in this equipment? 1. Bearings: SKF, NTN, Nachi and NBC
2. Gearbox: Premium, Bonfiglioli and PBL
3. Invertors: Siemens/Schneider.
4. HMI: Siemens.
5. Switchgears: Siemens/Schneider.
6. Motors: Roto-motive, Siemens and ABB
(assisted power cooling)


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